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Powerful, self-serve products and growth analytics to help you build, check, and be confident in your bid. Trusted and used by the PBS Helpdesk.

BidGrid™ - new update!

The crystal ball of bidding. BidGrid compares your bid against 40 million points of historic and new data to predict what pairings you can hold.

Reserve Legality Checker™

Check for errors in your reserve bid. Know instantly if your bid contains errors and what those errors are. No more guessing.

Manual Plus+

The latest bidding strategies, tips, and info right in your browser. Hover over any property to get instant definitions, cautions, and tips.

Bid Checklist

Get the master checklist for a systematic approach to bidding each month. It's our tried-and-tested method of trapping common bidding errors.

Vacation Pay Calculator

Take the confusion out of deciding whether or not to bid reserve during your vacation. Calculate your projected pay and days of reserve obligation.

Video Resources

Free library with bidding basics, strategies, and property info. Created by PBS Help Desk instructor who has evaluated 10,000+ bids.
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Resource library

Video resources

Learn new tips, strategies, property details and more for your bid. Created by an AA Pilot and PBS Helpdesk instructor who has reviewed 10,000+ bids.
2:14 min

How to Sharpshoot your Bid

Learn how to sharpshoot your bid.
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Using Layer None as 8th Layer

A strategic technique to use layer none as an 8th layer.
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What Is Bidliner

Think of us as your trusted 'golden retriever' of bidding – always there, dependable, and the ultimate asset (and secret weapon) in your bidding endeavors.
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Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are using Bidliner.
When I started working at the PBS Help Desk two years ago, Bidliner was invaluable to me. It made me look like a rockstar.
320 Captain, PBS Help Desk Instructor
I've been a help desk instructor for 8yrs. Bidliner is a solid product and BidGrid is a game changer and a must have.
737 Captain, PBS Help Desk Instructor
Bidliner is one of the BEST tools for any type of Pilot, whether you are junior or senior. This product allows you to see in real time a more in-depth understanding of what you are bidding along with some of the 'gotchas' that PBS can be know for.
AA Pilot, First Officer
I use my own software and it works. I tested my own bid with BidGrid and it prompted me to change my bid resulting in a much more advantageous award.
Eric Johnson
320 Captain, PBS Help Desk Instructor, Founder

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