Video Resources

We offer a library of video resources and tutorials with everything you need from bidding basics to strategies and property refreshers.

Videos from 3 main categories:

Property Videos

PBS has approximately 81 properties. Many of them are straightforward, but some can be confusing. The extension will cover the overview, definition, and cautions and our video resources will offer a deeper look and review of each property.

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Maximize Block of Days Off

Allow Same Day Pairing

Prefer Layover at City

Prefer Pairing Length

Pairing Properties

Vacation Pay for Pilots

"Going Low"

How to Create a Vacation

Targeted Reserve

Avoid vs. Prefer

Strategy Videos

It's important to develop a strategy - what is a strategy. It's the combination of how you use various properties to achieve your personal goals on any given month. We have an ever growing library of the most common strategies.

And if we don't have what you're looking for you can request what you're wanting.

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Basic Videos

Basic video resources are the fundamentals you need to know when bidding. New to American Airlines. We cover topics from "How many pairings should I bid" to "And/Or" logic and how it works in PBS.

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Understanding IMAX

Work Blocks

How to Read the PBS Layer Page

Big Calendar vs. Days Off

Understanding Accumulation

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