January 2020

From the PBS Working Group (PWG)

Please review the following items unique to bidding for the August contractual month.  The previous Bidder Awareness items have been added to Common Errors and Bidder Awareness section the PBS User Manual.  Resolved items will be posted here the month they are cleared.
The contractual month of August runs from January 1 – January 30, a 30-day contractual month.

Reminder:  Reserve Logic Change

Please read PWG Bulletin 19-01 advising pilots bidding RSV to ensure a L7 Reserve bid is entered and contains L-S or S-L and only Prefer Off dates.

January Bidding Items:

CQT 5-Day Footprint

With the increase in 5-day CQT pairings and as a reminder, training events that are 5-days in length, including a deadhead that touches day 5, require a 24-hour Duty Free Period upon completion.  This is depicted as a -15 in PBS following the pre-plotted CQT, and listed as TRFF in FOS.  PBS will not award a pairing on a 15 day for Lineholders, and is considered a day-off for Reserve pilots.

CQT Mid-Bid Update

A new mid-bid update has been added on the 4th of the month at 1000 to accommodate pilots with expired qualifications who have completed a Landings Sim between bid opening and the 3rd of the month.  Previously, these pilots were unable to bid for CQT.

Reduce Post Work Block Min DFP

This property has been renamed to Reduce Post Work Block Days Off by 1.  Functionality remains unchanged.

Clearing your web browser’s cache

Pilots should regularly clear their cache (browsing history and cookies) to ensure connectivity with the PBS software functions optimally.  Be sure to close and restart your browser after clearing the cache. Periodically, scheduled IT maintenance may cause latency issues for pilots who have not recently cleared their cache.

OE or Paid Removals:

Pilots with Paid Removal carry-in pairings or having OE adjacent to Training should validate their Existing Credit on the PBS Dashboard.  Paid Removals should equal the value of credit for the pairing in the bid month.  Training credits 2:45 per day, times the number of days blocked for TO, OT, or OE. On occasion, an extra 2:45 or 5:30 is double credited by FOS in these scenarios.  If the Existing Credit on your Dashboard is incorrect, please submit a request by clicking the Request Support or Submit Feedback link on the PBS Home page on AAPilots.com

OE Days Off Request

Pilots who are scheduled for OE in the next (following) bid month should submit their days off requests NO LATER THAN the last day of current month (e.g. OE in September must submit by July 31) by using the OE Pilot Days Off Request link on the Training home page of AAPilots:  https://aapilots.aa.com/private/timeoffrequest/Timeoff.asp

Notable January 2020 Dates:

New Years Day:  January 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday:  January 20